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Cat at Night Greeting Cards -
a portion of proceeds goes to Rescue Cat Relief!
Dear Friends! Lots happening lately - you'll love the new Zodiac Cat website, all about CATS, from scraggly back-alley strays to pristine princesses on white velvet cushions. Please be patient as we're currently in process and some links lead to nothing. However if you're so inclined I'd truly appreciate a donation to Rescue Cat Relief Fund. You can also spread awareness by sharing this page. Please help save a kitten or cat from starvation, illness, pain, suffering and death. Every life is precious.

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All donations made through Paypal and Tsu are used for the care and well-being of rescue cats and kittens. My shelter is completely non-profit. Funds raised help provide healthy cat & kitten food, kitty litter, carriers & cages, vet visits, antibiotics, flea treatment, dewormer, toys, treats and other cat needs. See a few cost breakdowns on our info page.

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100% of artist royalties* from these products goes to Cat / Kitten Rescue

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* My full artist royalty from these products goes to Rescue Cat Relief Fund. Artist royalty is 10-15% of the product price at point of sale. So, every time you get one of my Rescue Cat products, 10-15% of the amount is given to help the cats. Thank you, friends!*

All our cats and kittens are spayed or neutered to combat the overpopulation of abandoned and feral cats. A female kitten can get pregnant at five or six months! She hasn't even had a life yet, and suddenly she's a teenage mother. Regional shelters are crammed with sick and frightened pets and strays, and are facing charges of animal abuse. So don't forget these timeless words of wisdom from Bob Barker :)

Cats need help and it's up to caring individuals like you and me to take positive action. Please donate now. You could save a life ... or several. Many happy blessings to you!

Meet Some of Our Feline Friends!

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Schatzi, Rescue Kitten

Rajah Rescue Cat

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